“I absolutely love working with Claire McKinneyPR. They don’t miss a trick, and they don’t let me miss one. Thank you, Claire.”

Gretchen Archer, author of the Davis Way Crime Caper series

“If you’re not familiar with Claire McKinney check out her page. She’s a really good book publicist, publisher, writer, and speaker!”

— Chris Errol Maw, publicist

“Claire McKinneyPR did a superb job of publicizing my book....Their services were worth every penny.”

— Merle Bombardieri, LSW, MICSW

— Merle Bombardieri, LSW, MICSW, author of The Baby Decision: How to Make the Most Important Decision of Your Life

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Twenty years
of book marketing and publicity experience working with a wide range of best-selling books and authors including narrative and literary fiction and non-fiction; memoirs; self-help; spirituality; cookbooks; politics; children’s books; photo books; commercial fiction; history; science and the environment; fashion, and more. We work with traditional and indie publishers and authors.
Have you ever been to a networking event?
Maybe you went with friends or maybe you went solo and spent some time checking out the room before jumping into a conversation. How many people were there? 20, 30, 50? What if you were invited to an event where 3.3 billion people were invited? How would you connect with the right people? What would you say? Developing your digital personal brand can provide you with the information you need to communicate with them all. Download our free eGuide to Social Media to find out how to use digital platforms from TikTok to Twitter so you can be seen and heard.
Public Relations
Public Relations is using language and communications skills in the right venue(s) to promote people, products, and ideas. How do you know when a movie you might want to see is coming out? Is it interviews with the stars on tv and radio, the cover of Vanity Fair, or the reviews you read? That coverage was generated by a PR professional to generate awareness. Do you want to be famous? Sell your product? Boost your business? PR can provide the strategies and tactics you need to make your product and presence known. Read our blog post “Marketing is not Public Relations” to find out more.

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