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23 Degrees South by Neal Rabin

23 Degrees South by Neal RabinFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Amazon: 23 Degrees South: A Tropical Tale of Changing Whether…

A Tropical Tale of Changing Whether

By: Neal Rabin

All friendships, at some point, are tested. But Hart and Simon’s trial will push their childhood bond to its limits, when they find themselves far from their comfortable California homes and instead in the favelas and jungles of Brazil. With an eccentric style and scenery that Hunter S. Thompson would approve, Neal Rabin’s debut action-adventure novel 23 Degrees South: A Tropical Tale of Changing Whether (April 1, 2016; Ponderosa Publishing; $9.99), dives into the exciting above and underground worlds that coexist in exotic Brazil.

23-year-old Hart is starting his high-profile job at the brand new Maytag offices in Sao Paulo. At the same time he’s hoping to locate his best friend, Simon, who had decided some months prior to go hunting for leftover Nazis allegedly hiding in Brazil since World War II. As fortune would have it, the summer Olympics are coming to Brazil and Hart is able to secure his first big lead for Maytag with the Summer Olympic Committee. Shockingly, minutes after he hangs up the phone he is shot in the neck, knocked out, and kidnapped from his office. Also in his part of town, a building has exploded nearby courtesy of the infamous gang leader and serial bomber Carlos “The Shade” dos Reis.

Later, Hart awakens to find his captor is none other than his lost friend Simon who convinces Hart to accompany him and his assistant, the beautiful Carmen, to pay a visit to his boss Carlos the serial bomber and his brother Lazarus the priest.

The action continues at a break-neck pace as Hart, Simon, and Carmen survive a plane crash; raft down a turbulent river on the wing of said plane; meet a cult of Carmen Miranda lovers in the middle of the rainforest; befriend a geriatric Nazi; become deeply entangled with Carlos and Lazarus’s dangerous plans; and are thrown in the middle of a riot. Hart, whose relationship with Simon is reminiscent of Siddhartha and Govinda’s, is not pleased about the trouble they are in, again. But friendship wins out, and Hart decides to follow his buddy, because he will always do what Simon says.

Set against the beautiful yet nefarious paradise of Brazil, 23 Degrees South is the story of the bond between boyhood friends, and how their relationship survives the most extraordinary circumstances.

About the Author:
Neal Rabin is the founder of Miramar Systems, a Santa Barbara-based global software company, of which he was CEO for 15 years. Before that, Rabin graduated from UCLA; worked for Club Med as a tennis and surf instructor; stocked refrigerators; and served as a “fetch” for Time Life Films. Now, Rabin is an instrument pilot who divides his time between mentoring tech start-ups, writing, surfing, volleyball, and tennis. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, two daughters, and a flock of chickens.

A Tropical Tale of Changing Whether…
By Neal Rabin
Ponderosa Publishing
Publication Date: April 1st, 2016
ISBN: 9780997046809
Original Trade Paperback & E-book
Price: $9.99 / $5.99
232 pages


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