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A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery by Rosemary O’Connor

A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery by Rosemary O'Connor

Motherhood is difficult enough, but the struggle to remain sober while dealing with life’s daily grind can seem impossible. Rosemary O’Connor, a mother who had hit rock bottom, knew that she had to get clean not only for herself—but for her children. Now, she wants to help other mothers stay on track by living healthy, productive, and rewarding lives of sobriety.

A SOBER MOM’S GUIDE TO RECOVERY: Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids (Hazelden; September 29, 2015; $15.95; Original Trade Paperback) by Rosemary O’Connor is the all-in-one resource that imparts the wisdom and guidance to help recovering mothers tackle some of the most complex problems facing women during sobriety. “My intention is to share real-life challenges sober mothers can identify with, and the practical tools that helped me transform my life and stay sober. My hope is to support mothers who are trying to stay sober no matter what challenges they may face,” O’Connor says.

O’Connor addresses some of the most important subjects that recovering mothers navigate through, such as spirituality, communication, dating and intimacy, and much more. In addition, she discusses the challenges of codependency, shame, and forgiveness, among many other issues. “Sober Mom’s Tools” are included at the end of each chapter for right-to-the-point answers.

The down-to-earth advice and true stories of recovering women, including the author’s, are perfect for mothers no matter what stage of sobriety they are in. By learning how to best take care of themselves, mothers are in better positions to best take care of their children.

A SOBER MOM’S GUIDE TO RECOVERY is an essential handbook for recovering mothers that:

  • Offers lessons and tips for effectively overcoming guilt, anger, loneliness, and more
  • Explains how to set positive examples and healthy behaviors for their children
  • Reveals how to celebrate life while in recovery
  • Describes what finally pushed Rosemary O’Connor to get clean and how she achieved sobriety
  • Includes insightful “Sober Mom’s Tools” at the end of each chapter

A SOBER MOM’S GUIDE TO RECOVERY examines the most pressing issues for women in recovery and provides the tools to help mothers take care of themselves so they can take better care of their children.

Rosemary O’Connor is a certified addiction recovery coach, a certified professional coach, and founded ROC Recovery Services to respond to the specific needs of women and mothers in recovery. She has been a workshop facilitator for Bayside Marin and on staff of the Alta Mira Recovery Programs, Muir Wood Adolescent Family Program, and Five Sisters Ranch. Rosemary serves on the advisory board of Stepping Stone, the oldest alcohol and drug recovery program for women in northern California.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It is the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment provider, with a legacy that began in 1949 and includes the 1982 founding of the Betty Ford Center. With 15 sites in California, Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and Texas, the Foundation offers prevention and recovery solutions nationwide and across the entire continuum of care for youth and adults.

A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery: Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids
By Rosemary O’Connor
Hazelden Publishing
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1616496029
Original Trade Paperback
Price: $15.95
Pages: 200 pp.