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Angel of Ambition by Glenn Kaplan

New Thriller by NYT Bestselling Author About a Woman Who Dares To Break The Rules

Glenn Kaplan, author of the New York Times bestseller Evil Inc., and Poison Pill, returns with an international thriller, Angel of Ambition (Woodhall Press; October 2022; 978-1954907348; Price), which tells the story of a fascinating young woman hell-bent on escaping poverty and getting to the very top.

Angela was invisible to the rich women she waited on in the menial jobs open to a girl from her background.  But she learned from them, mastering their uptown accents and manners and, most importantly, their ice-cold arts of winning at any cost.

When Angela gets her first professional break in an ad agency, she snags herself a mentor (and soon, a lover) in the big boss, Jack.  But Jack has no intention of getting serious.  As soon as the relationship becomes a liability, he dumps her.  With a hardened heart, Angela realizes  she must be ruthless to climb the ladder and wait to get her revenge.  She vows never again to let her emotions drive her decisions.

Jack “The Drunken Cheater”
London to New York: In a few short years, Angela rockets up to an executive position with power.  When she meets with her bosses in London, a cabal of powerful, wealthy men,  she is tasked with slashing costs at the ad agency where Jack works.  To crush Jack and make a tidy million in the process, Angela executes Phase One of her plan, leaving Jack in a pile of drunken rubble.

Charlotte “The Spoiled Little Rich Girl”
New York to Antigua: Angela and Charlie are confidantes and designer shopping buddies.  But while Charlie should be paying attention to what her bestie Angela is up to, she obsesses over social climbing on her Daddy’s (Cliff) fortune.  Crafty Angela has her own plan for Cliff which will put Charlie in her place and drive the aging billionaire right into her dangerous web.

Angel of Ambition is an international thriller that captures attention from the first page with a complex heroine for whom you can’t help but cheer, even though some of her actions may be unconventional.  Readers who love the stories behind people like fake heiress Anna Delvey, and characters like Amy Dunne in Gone Girl, will love watching Angela’s clever work get her and everyone around her, everything they deserve.

About the Author:

Glenn Kaplan is the NY Times bestselling author of Evil Inc. and Poison Pill. He worked in the international art world and as creative director in global advertising agencies and a Fortune 500 company. He is married and lives in New York City.

By Glenn Kaplan
Woodhall Press
Publication Date: October 2022
ISBN: 978-1-954907-34-8
Original Trade Paperback
Price: $18.95
Page Count: 377