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Angel Wings: A Story of Love, Faith, Infertility, Surrogacy, and Not Giving Up Hope by Stephanie O’Hara


Will you marry me and have my five children? asked Stephanie O’Hara’s now- husband Dirk the night of their engagement.

Becoming a mother of three did not come easily for Stephanie O’Hara. After having her first son, Aidan, she experienced secondary infertility and seven miscarriages before having her miracle twins. During her six-year infertility journey, Stephanie recognized that her body needed the assistance of a gestational carrier.  Her incredible story is chronicled in a new memoir, ANGEL WINGS: A Story of Love, Faith, Infertility, Surrogacy, and Not Giving Up Hope (Plum Bay Publishing, August 2020, ISBN: 978-1-7348848-1-4, Hardcover, $24.99).

Inspired by the absence of books on miscarriage and infertility at her local Barnes and Noble, Stephanie recognized her calling – writing and publishing ANGEL WINGS – to create support for the millions of women suffering from infertility.

One in eight women are affected by infertility. For Stephanie, infertility cultivated more blessings than she could have imagined; ones the power of faith can provide.  ANGEL WINGS will offer comfort for women who need it and inspiration and hope to keep them company on their own journeys.  O’Hara says, “I learned to be specific in my prayer requests and to be unafraid in asking for things that defied science.”

Stephanie experienced recurrent miscarriages including a heart-wrenching miscarriage in the middle of church. Through her journey, she had many angels that guided her on her path – including a meeting with red-carpet celebrity Giuliana Rancic. Through her memoir, Stephanie O’Hara beautifully highlights the pressures of being a woman, wife, mother, and friend in the face of such hardship. She isn’t afraid to talk about the difficult topics – from the effect it had on her marriage and her faith, to her depression, jealousy of pregnant friends, and of course, the physical pain of miscarriages. Stephanie maintained her faith and hope – she was not going to give up on her dream for more children. Above all, ANGEL WINGS is a product of strength and resilience.

Stephanie O’Hara is a mother of three, sixth-generation southerner, wife, lead singer of a rock band, community leader and entrepreneur. She advocates for women struggling with infertility. Stephanie has the unique position of having given birth to her biological child and watching someone else give birth to her biological twins. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, children, and her “pony-sized” puppy and enjoys a good glass of champagne.

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By Stephanie O’Hara
Plum Bay Publishing
Publication Date: August 2020
ISBN: 978-1-7348848-1-4
Price: $24.99
Pages: 216


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