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The Baby Decision by Merle Bombardieri

The Baby Decision by Merle Bombardieri

Case Summary: Reissue of a book originally published in 1987 by an MSW with a private practice.

Goal: Brand Merle Bombardieri as a national expert regarding family planning and relationships.

Result Examples: Interviewed by Refinery29, New York Times, and was published on Time’s Motto Blog.  Book sales were steady, and her practice grew significantly.


Amazon: The Baby Decision: How to Make The Most Important Choice of Your Life

“An energetic book, full of advice, issues to consider, and exercises to help you discover your true feelings on the subject.”    — Kirkus Reviews

“Intelligent and Insightful” — Los Angeles Times



How to Make the Most Important Choice of Your Life

By Merle Bombardieri MSW, LICSW

A burning question for women of childbearing age is: “Do I want to be a parent?”  Despite a culture that often idolizes babies and extols motherhood, more women and couples are choosing to be childfree because of career or other commitments or because parenting doesn’t appeal to them.  Babies are wonderful, but come with sleepless nights, colic, couple stress and money problems.  So having a child only makes sense for those who look forward to nurturing a child. Well-meaning family, friends, and societal norms may pressure you one way or another, people need to make the decision that is best for them.

Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW has helped her psychotherapy and coaching clients and workshop students face the baby question for the past thirty-five years. Her book THE BABY DECISION: How to Make the Most Important Choice of Your Life (Publisher; Pub Date; Price) is based on her work, and it will give decision-makers all of the tools they need to make a decision and deepen their relationships in the process.

In THE BABY DECISION, with the depth that only a seasoned therapist can provide, Bombardieri presents guidelines for making the decision while arming you with crucial knowledge about both parenting and childfree living.   You will learn a sample dialogue you can use to respond to pressure from loved ones, and how to broach the subject with your partner. .  Do you want a baby but your partner doesn’t?  THE BABY DECISION will open doors to creative compromises and possibilities that will be life-affirming, and increase intimacy between partners.

Bombardieri’s 5-step process in THE BABY DECISION will teach you how to:

  • Separate your own needs and preferences from society’s myths and expectations about parenting
  • Use “Secret Doors” exercises to uncover your hidden feelings and wisdom.
  • Give full consideration to the rewards and opportunities of living childfree
  • Manage work-life balance and keep your relationship strong if you decide to have a child
  • Learn about one-child families; single, LGBT, older parenting; and fertility and adoption options
  • Make the most of either choice, and even borrow some benefits from the path not selected

THE BABY DECISION is a comprehensive guide that cuts through tangles of pros and cons so that the right decision clearly emerges   Bombardieri also includes examples from her vast experience as a psychotherapist that will illustrate her points.  With a warm, conversational tone, THE BABY DECISION will be a comfort as much as it is a resource for the most life-changing readers will ever face.


Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW is a clinical social worker in private practice in Lexington, MA. She has contributed to Our Bodies, Ourselves, 2005, The Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Magazine, Glamour, Self, and Brides. Learn more at


How to Make the Most Important Choice of Your Life

By Merle Bombardieri MSW, LICSW

Publication Date: July 31st, 2016


Price: $9.99


473 pages