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Beyond The Stars by Grace Pearl

Grace Pearl has been on a spiritual quest for thirty years. And if she’s learned anything throughout her journey, it’s that spirituality simply cannot be forced.  

That’s why, one night, in an effort to diffuse a case of writer’s block, she did what she always does when searching for inspiration: she laid on her back, closed her eyes, and stopped thinking until fresh ideas flooded her mind. But this time was different. This time, she couldn’t help but notice the face of a man staring down at her – a face that belonged to the spirit of Elvis Presley. 

You might call my story a fairytale of the third millennium, but the tale is very real.”

In BEYOND THE STARS: My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley (ISBN: 978-2-89626-539-8, Ariane Editions, October 2020, $17.95, Original Trade Paperback), author Grace Pearl details her very real, and rather astonishing relationship with what she calls the Entity that is Elvis Presley. From conversations about what brought him to drug abuse, to admissions about his one true love and the meaning of life, Grace recounts her numerous encounters with Elvis as nothing short of magical. 

“Expressing what you feel inside yourself, letting it guide you and sharing it with others is life itself, and only love will change humanity.”

Transcribing every experience along the way, Grace Pearl’s BEYOND THE STARS presents readers with the opportunity to explore spiritual reality, regardless of their religion. Her story is also an authentic reminder that the metaphysical world isn’t as distant as we might think – as long as we’re open to it. In addition, Pearl’s detailed transcriptions and convincing interactions with Elvis have the ability to inflict an overwhelming sense of self-reflection in its truest form; a miraculous representation of the beauty that manifests when you optimize your psychic potential. 

The experience is nothing to do with religion; it is about the infinite possibilities of our psychic potential, which we are unaware of, and about our connection with the parallel world closest to ours.”

My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley
By Grace Pearl
October 2020
ISBN 978-2-89626-539-8
256 pp

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