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Bobs and Tweets: The New Dog in Town by Pepper Springfield

Bobs and Tweets: The New Dog in Town

The Bobs and Tweets are back for yet another fun-filled adventure. And this time, they’re fighting for what’s right – even when the odds aren’t in their favor. In Pepper Springfield’s latest book BOBS AND TWEETS: The New Dog in Town (Scholastic; November, 2020; Original Trade Paperback; ISBN:) illustrated by Kristy Caldwell, readers follow along as the Bobs and Tweets do everything in their power to return a lost dog named Jack to his owner – no matter what obstacles are thrown their way.

But when the Bonefish Street kids discover Jack’s owner, Grandma Fran, lives in a retirement home that doesn’t allow pets, they realize they have to get creative. They know it won’t be easy. And they’ll probably have to ask for help. But how will they reunite poor Jack and Grandma Fran? 

Well, by taking a stand! 

Grab your megaphones and join in on the fun as The New Dog in Town demonstrates how activism has no age requirement and a sense of community is all it takes to accomplish amazing things.

BOBS AND TWEETS: The New Dog in Town 
By Pepper Springfield; Illustrated by Kristy Caldwell
Scholastic Inc. 
Publication Date: November, 2020
ISBN (lib.): 
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 60

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