The Shepherd’s Story by Jimmy Dunne

The Shepherd's Story

CHICAGO, Ill, August 2020— ‘Twas a twist on a classic, filled with holiday cheer, telling the birth of our Savior when Christmas is near. Jimmy Dunne shares a story—with one shepherd boy, traveling far to witness a miracle’s joy.

The Shepherd’s Story, written by Jimmy Dunne, follows the beloved rhythm of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, but rather than reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, we are introduced to a courageous shepherd boy, his sheep, and an angel guiding him to the birth of Jesus.

The story is told through the perspective of the young shepherd outside of Bethlehem. As he searches for meaning in his role as a shepherd, an angel appears to him, igniting his journey to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. We follow the shepherd on his journey to encounter Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the manger and witness the declaration of Christmas morning.

This book will allow Christian parents to share the true meaning of Christmas with the help of a familiar and relaxing rhyme for young children. The Shepherd’s Story also helps readers connect the birth of Christ with their own human experience, learning that one child—a single person—has the possibility of making an extraordinary difference in the world.

The Shepherd’s Story will be available on the Loyola Press website, Amazon, and select bookstores in August 2020. For more information or to request an interview with an author, please contact Mandy Lemos at

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COVID by Richard Van Anderson

CovidCoVid19 was not an accident. Its successor, the highly lethal CoVid23, is not a mutation of CoVid19. China would like us to believe the passage of 19 from animal to human was random and 23 is a mutation of 19. The United States wants us to believe 19 and 23 are weaponized strains of a coronavirus released during a botched Chinese bioweapons experiment. It will be up to Dr. David Aaronson, the new surgeon in Fallon, Nevada—home to ranchers and farmers, cowboys and indians, casinos and legalized brothels, and the US Navy’s TOPGUN training program—to tell the world what really happened. Revealing the truth will pit David against the commander of a US Army bioweapons laboratory, a narcissistic president obsessed with nationalism, and a supervirus poised to decimate the world.

“There were many things to admire about the supervirus. First, its simplicity. Its creation was complex—a noninfectious strain of the coronavirus upregulated by splicing new genes into its existing genome—but it was still just a virus, a particle consisting of a single strand of RNA inside a protein envelope.”

In COVID: A Novel of Surgical Suspense, Richard Van Anderson takes us to the small desert town of Fallon, Nevada where fugitive surgeon Dr. David Aaronson (formerly David McBride) is living a new life “witness protection” style. Soon after his arrival, he operates on a patient who comes to the ER coughing up blood then bleeds to death on the operating table from a disease process David has never seen. The mystery deepens when David learns that in the months preceding his arrival, twenty-three other patients died the same way, and adding to the mystery, not a single resident of Fallon or the surrounding county has tested positive for CoVid19—thus the reason the bars, casinos, and brothels are operating at full capacity with no regard for masks or social distancing.

“The second admirable quality of the supervirus was its ease of production, delivery, and propagation. The virus was easily mass produced, grown by the ton in giant bioreactors, then purified and dried into a simple white powder that behaved more like a gas than a solid, allowing it to go anywhere and everywhere.”

Although shocked that neither the state nor the CDC are investigating the unusual deaths, David is reluctant to get involved. This changes when he removes the hemorrhaging spleen of a young Shoshone woman and later learns that splenic rupture, along with massive hemoptysis (the coughing up of blood), are killing tens of thousands of Wuhan residents who have contracted a new variant of the coronavirus—CoVid 23. As David races the clock to find a cure for the young woman and a vaccine for the world, he battles a US Army colonel, the president of the United States, and an international shadow elite, all of whom are attempting to vanquish America’s enemies and create a new world order.

“And the third admirable quality of the supervirus? In animal studies it had a mortality rate of 100 percent. You breathe it in, you’re dead.”

CoVid: A Novel of Surgical Suspense
By Richard Van Anderson
Publication Date 9/18/2020
ISBN hardcover 978-0-9907597-6-8
ISBN paperback 978-0-9907597-7-5
ISBN e-book 978-0-9907597-8-2
360 pages

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Bobs and Tweets: The New Dog in Town by Pepper Springfield

Bobs and Tweets: The New Dog in Town

The Bobs and Tweets are back for yet another fun-filled adventure. And this time, they’re fighting for what’s right – even when the odds aren’t in their favor. In Pepper Springfield’s latest book BOBS AND TWEETS: The New Dog in Town (Scholastic; November, 2020; Original Trade Paperback; ISBN:) illustrated by Kristy Caldwell, readers follow along as the Bobs and Tweets do everything in their power to return a lost dog named Jack to his owner – no matter what obstacles are thrown their way.

But when the Bonefish Street kids discover Jack’s owner, Grandma Fran, lives in a retirement home that doesn’t allow pets, they realize they have to get creative. They know it won’t be easy. And they’ll probably have to ask for help. But how will they reunite poor Jack and Grandma Fran? 

Well, by taking a stand! 

Grab your megaphones and join in on the fun as The New Dog in Town demonstrates how activism has no age requirement and a sense of community is all it takes to accomplish amazing things.

BOBS AND TWEETS: The New Dog in Town 
By Pepper Springfield; Illustrated by Kristy Caldwell
Scholastic Inc. 
Publication Date: November, 2020
ISBN (lib.): 
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 60

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Beyond The Stars by Grace Pearl

Grace Pearl has been on a spiritual quest for thirty years. And if she’s learned anything throughout her journey, it’s that spirituality simply cannot be forced.  

That’s why, one night, in an effort to diffuse a case of writer’s block, she did what she always does when searching for inspiration: she laid on her back, closed her eyes, and stopped thinking until fresh ideas flooded her mind. But this time was different. This time, she couldn’t help but notice the face of a man staring down at her – a face that belonged to the spirit of Elvis Presley. 

You might call my story a fairytale of the third millennium, but the tale is very real.”

In BEYOND THE STARS: My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley (ISBN: 978-2-89626-539-8, Ariane Editions, October 2020, $17.95, Original Trade Paperback), author Grace Pearl details her very real, and rather astonishing relationship with what she calls the Entity that is Elvis Presley. From conversations about what brought him to drug abuse, to admissions about his one true love and the meaning of life, Grace recounts her numerous encounters with Elvis as nothing short of magical. 

“Expressing what you feel inside yourself, letting it guide you and sharing it with others is life itself, and only love will change humanity.”

Transcribing every experience along the way, Grace Pearl’s BEYOND THE STARS presents readers with the opportunity to explore spiritual reality, regardless of their religion. Her story is also an authentic reminder that the metaphysical world isn’t as distant as we might think – as long as we’re open to it. In addition, Pearl’s detailed transcriptions and convincing interactions with Elvis have the ability to inflict an overwhelming sense of self-reflection in its truest form; a miraculous representation of the beauty that manifests when you optimize your psychic potential. 

The experience is nothing to do with religion; it is about the infinite possibilities of our psychic potential, which we are unaware of, and about our connection with the parallel world closest to ours.”

My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley
By Grace Pearl
October 2020
ISBN 978-2-89626-539-8
256 pp

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Mystic Quest by Nancy Harvey

You have the power to remember the past, but also to foresee the future. Man does not use all of his gifts that were given to him at birth. You all possess great powers. You will soon discover the true potential that you all have, and what you are capable of in unity! Remember that you must be in unity. Man judges his fellow man by the color of his skin, his gender, and his race, yet he cannot see that he is in the presence of his brother of light.”

All seemed normal for young Alex and William as they began their family holiday in Grand Teton National Park. While out for a hike in the sprawling wilderness, the two are suddenly flung into a tumultuous adventure. But, unbeknownst to them, that adventure would change the course of their lives forever. The next thing they know, the pair accidentally stumbles into a cave with magical properties where they meet Chief White Feather- their celestial guide who tells them of their place amidst an ancient prophecy. Alex, the ‘daydreamer’, and William, a worker of white light, are no longer normal humans after all.

In part one of Nancy Harvey’s MYSTIC QUEST: The Magical Journey Begins (ISBN: 978-2-89626-536-7, Ariane Editions, October 2020, $18.95, Original Trade Paperback), Supreme rulers of the High Celestial Council hide a number of powerful artifacts throughout the globe to combat a growing dark force. It is the sacred duty of Alex and William to find these items before those with evil intentions get to them first. However, our heroes are not alone. Along the way, they meet a cast of supernatural friends who provide both protection and great power. They must also face supernatural foes who wish to stop them from fulfilling the prophecy and plunge the Earth into darkness. On top of saving the world, Alex must also navigate the ways of the heart- with three handsome young men: a human, an angel, and a demon, all trying to win her over. But who will she choose? 

In part one of a 4-part series, join our young heroes on an adventure of a lifetime as they traverse continents, space, and time itself in order to rid the Earth of evil forces; a classic tale of good versus evil with an exciting fantastical twist. Providing both puzzles and abundant intrigue,  MYSTIC QUEST is guaranteed to suck the reader into its fast-paced adventure full of whimsy, magic, peril, romance, and even some supernatural beings. Will Alex and William be able to pull through and fulfill the prophecy in time? Or, will Earth be left at the mercy of the darkness? 

MYSTIC QUEST: The Magical Journey Begins
By Nancy Harvey
Ariane Editions
ISBN: 978-2-89626-536-7
Publication Date: October, 2020
Original Trade Paperback
448 pp

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