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Crucial Creativity by Mark Walton

How Can You Reinvent Your Business or Career during the COVID-19 Crisis?

Not merely survive, but thrive, and come out ahead on the other side?

Since the coronavirus first impacted the U.S. economy, one in every seven small businesses has shut down; iconic brands like Hertz, Neiman Marcus, Frontier Communications, Ruby Tuesday, and Pier 1 have declared bankruptcy; tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and millions more who were temporarily furloughed may soon find themselves among the long-term unemployed, as hard-struck companies in the travel, hospitality, entertainment, insurance, advertising and other industries are forced to initiate additional pandemic layoffs.

With any significant recovery expected to take years, businesses of all sizes and individuals in many fields will need to get creative quickly—but how?

Crucial Creativity provides solid answers and real-world examples.

Crisscrossing the country to research his new just-in-time new book, Crucial Creativity: Never Let a Crisis Crash Your Business or Career, Peabody award-winning journalist and Fortune 100 management consultant Mark S. Walton interviewed and explored the strategies of savvy business leaders, entrepreneurs, and career professionals who have faced down the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises before it.   In doing so he uncovered no-nonsense answers to the tough questions that so many of us are wrestling with today.


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