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Double Up by Gretchen Archer

Double Up Davis Way Gretchen Archer
“Outlandish, outrageous, and impossible to put down.”
—Janet Evanovich on Double Up

A Davis Way Crime Caper
by Gretchen Archer

The glamorous reign of the Bellissimo Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, has come to an end, and it’s all Super Secret Spy Davis Way’s fault. When a blind trust sells nearby property to a powerful real estate company, they build a brand-spanking-new, over-the-top casino, Blitz. When Blitz begins stealing the Bellissimo’s patrons and ideas, it’s up to our favorite redhead to save the day.

In DOUBLE UP: A Davis Way Crime Caper (Henery Press, ISBN xx, Original Trade Paperback, April 2017) by triple USA Today-bestselling author Gretchen Archer, Davis Way is eight months into maternity leave with her time-consuming twins. A series of whirlwind events, including Davis’s pregnancy and a weeks-long stint on the SS Probability in DOUBLE KNOT has distracted Davis from the construction going on right under her nose. When news breaks about Blitz’s extravagant amenities and groundbreaking gaming, like slot machines on luxury buses, the Bellissimo soon becomes a ghost town.

To make matters worse, Davis’s Super Secret Spy team falls apart when her bosses Richard and Bianca Sanders move to Vegas and drop the failing Bellissimo in her husband Bradley’s lap; Fantasy, her best friend and partner-in-solving-crime, quits, forming a crack in their friendship; No Hair, Davis’s boss, leaves for a different casino; and team member Baylor puts in his two weeks’. Davis, after months of being stuck in her home on the 29th floor of the casino, decides it’s up to her to save the Bellissimo. She recruits a new team, including Baylor’s new girlfriend, July Jackson, and her monstrous ex-ex-mother-in-law, Bea Crawford.

Suspecting art fraud, Davis sends Bea to spy on Blitz. She sneaks Bea into the casino to play one of their sophisticated games, Hang It Up, with the grand prize a priceless work of art Davis believes isn’t genuine. Meanwhile, Davis locks herself in her office to develop a new and revolutionary game to put the Bellissimo back on the map. The story twists when the Blitz suddenly shuts down their Hang It Up tournament—and it looks like they’ve sabotaged Davis’s new game.

With babies, bankruptcy, talking homes, Falcon X5s, and shrimp (shrimp?), DOUBLE UP is the most thrilling mystery yet in the Davis Way Crime Caper series as Davis plans to stop the inevitable end of Bellissimo and life as she knows it.

About Gretchen Archer:
Gretchen Archer is a Tennessee housewife who began writing when her daughters, seeking higher educations, left her. She lives on Lookout Mountain with her husband, son, and a Yorkie named Bently. DOUBLE UP is the sixth book in the Davis Way Crime Caper series.

About Henery Press:
Henery Press an independent publisher in the mystery and suspense genre focused on engaging stories with sharp twists and lively characters. To learn more about Henery Press, please visit