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Found Objects by Peter Gelfan



“Sexy, slyly funny, and highly readable”
—Fran Dorf, author of Flight and Saving Elijah

The ménage a trois has been portrayed in literature most famously in the David Garnett novel Aspects of Love, which also became a highly-touted Broadway musical.  In a new novel FOUND OBJECTS (Nortia Press, ISBN: 978-0-9848359-6-6; $15.95; Original Trade Paperback; dist. by Consortium; June 2013) by editor and author Peter Gelfan, a charitable offering of a place to stay for a woman and her two children creates a unique and sometimes troubled union that calls into question the definitions of family, morality, and values.

What man would not want Aldo Zoria’s life? A nice house in Vermont; a successful photography career; two women, Erica and Marie, who share his bed; and two children for whom he is not directly responsible. But when Marie’s children begin to attend school, and when her husband Jonathan arrives on their doorstep unexpectedly, the dynamic changes completely. Their idyllic relationship becomes suspicious to the town and it isn’t clear whether Jonah is accepting of their arrangement or if he’s come to reclaim his wife.  Will Marie leave Erica and Aldo with an empty nest? Or will Jonah take up permanent residence and turn their group into a quartet?

FOUND OBJECTS is a literary novel with complex themes, finely drawn characters and elegant prose. Enthusiastic early readers have chimed in, calling it “gripping,” “surprising, even shocking,” and “unputdownable.” Gelfan’s style and focus on his characters allows the story to unfold in an intimate way. The quiet conversations over brandy discussing politics, literature, and sex, and the self-examination each of the characters endures makes FOUND OBJECTS real for contemporary readers. Surely Gelfan’s novel, with its unique and sophisticated theme, will inspire many after-dinner conversations and book group discussions.

Peter Gelfan is a writer and a freelance book editor.  He lives in New York City, where he is working on his next novel.

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