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In Doubt by Drusilla Campbell

In Doubt by Drusilla Campbell










By: Drusilla Campbell

The author of Little Girl Gone and When She Came Home is back with another emotionally evocative tale in the vein of Jodi Picoult that is sure to play “devil’s advocate” and make readers see the shades of gray between the perceived black and white of right versus wrong.

In Drusilla Campbell’s new novel IN DOUBT (Grand Central Publishing; 9781455510337; August 26, 2014) Defense Attorney Sophie Giraudo is about to open a new legal practice in her hometown of San Sebastian, California, when the beloved governor is shot and seriously wounded during a celebration in the town park. Shockingly, the would-be assassin is a seemingly gentle teenager named Donny. Driven by her desire to understand what could make a person with no history of violence suddenly commit such a terrible act, Sophie agrees to take him on as a client. But soon she realizes that her professional interest is rooted in personal motivations: a desire to prove to her overbearing mother that she is not the reckless teenager she used to be, to prove to her ex-husband—the prosecuting attorney—that she can win her case, and to prove to herself that the traumatic events of her adolescence no longer define her.

As she digs deeper into Donny’s life, Sophie begins to suspect that he might not be the cold-blooded killer everyone thinks he is. Does Donny’s narcissistic mother really have her son’s best interest in mind? Is Donny’s mentor who runs Boys into Men, a program for disadvantaged youths, the altruistic man he claims to be? Is Donny a deranged murderer, or a victim of his circumstances acting out of desperation? As Sophie begins to uncover the truth, she is forced to come to terms with her past and to fight for what she knows is right…even if it means risking her reputation and possibly her life.

Hitting shelves just in time for Labor Day weekend, IN DOUBT is the perfect story to take along on your long weekend road trip, have on hand during your last pool side soirée, or enjoy during your backyard BBQ.

About the Author:
Drusilla Campbell lives in San Diego, California with her husband, two rescued dogs, and three horses. Find out more information at