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It Takes a Family by Debra Jay

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Nationally recognized addiction counselor and interventionist Debra Jay is taking a bold step with a new approach to helping families in recovery. In her new book, IT TAKES A FAMILY: A Cooperative Approach to Lasting Sobriety (Hazelden Publishing; December 2014; $15.95), Jay introduces Structured Family Recovery, a specific process and framework with the power to keep addicts sober and families on track in their recovery for the long haul.

Structured Family Recovery outlines how each member of the household participates in the addict’s recovery beyond treatment. Many people talk in vague and general terms about how family members can help, detach with love, and be supportive, but now there is a clear path that will help everyone in the household reduce anxiety and trepidation when faced with addiction and the desire to achieve long-term recovery for the entire family.

In IT TAKES A FAMILY, Jay explains the effect that recovery has on the family, the price that families pay in terms of stress, and the difference between enabling addiction and enabling recovery. This revolutionary approach is broken into four separate yet equally important parts, and each section includes resources for family members:

  • Part 1 outlines what families need to know to initiate desired changes, such as understanding the disease of addiction, why motivation isn’t the answer, and reasons for relapses.
  • Part 2 focuses on what families need to do, such as put Structured Family Recovery into place, learn how to speak to the addicted person, and attend Twelve Step meetings.
  • Part 3 provides opening and closing statements for Structured Family Recovery weekly meetings and templates with suggested topics.
  • Part 4 has tools and checklists for creating a Recovery Plan, including family relapse warning signs, the Eight Essential Elements, and a relapse agreement.

With this invaluable book, family members can work together as they reinvent their relationships without the all-consuming dysfunction of active addiction. IT TAKES A FAMILY helps families by carefully explaining:

  • What Structured Family Recovery is and its importance in rehabilitation.
  • Tips for successful Structured Family Recovery meetings.
  • The guidelines to help build an effective program of recovery for newly recovering addicts and alcoholics.
  • Various challenges that families face and when to seek professional guidance.
  • How each family member has a role in the recovery process and what to expect.

IT TAKES A FAMILY is the straightforward guide for how families can work collaboratively and as individuals to find an appropriate balance between personal responsibilities and building a circle of support to meet the challenges of aiding a loved one in recovery.

Debra Jay is coauthor with Jeff Jay of Hazelden’s best-selling Love First and is a certified addiction counselor and interventionist. She is also the author of No More Letting Go (Bantam, 2006) and numerous journal and magazine articles on addiction. She has appeared on Oprah several times and The Dr. Oz Show, among other TV shows, and is an in-demand keynote speaker and trainer at behavioral health conferences and treatment centers internationally.

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