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Content Marketing: Optimizing Your Link in Bio

Make your link in your Instagram bio a menu of content options

Last week we gave you some tips to optimize your Instagram bio.  Now, I am going to give you some ideas for getting the most out of your “link in bio”.  Instagram sets limits on when and where you can use links.  However, the bio is one place where you have ultimate control over how effective that link is going to be. 

Many people link to their website, which is fine, but there are tools out there that make it possible for you to link to a page that has a list of content your audience could check out.  Ultimately you want to inform and/or entertain your followers. Giving them the best experience when they click you link is your goal.

Link In Bio to Your Website

You can link directly to your home page on your website from your Instagram bio.  If we did that our link would open here.  Now, we have to hope that users decide to spend some time perusing our site through the menu options.  When we have a new blog, we could link directly to that blog post, but what if we have a variety of content including other blogs in that category, special events and promotions, or video? 

According to WebsiteBuilderExpert, “the general sweet spot for good average time on a page, across industries, is around 53 seconds.”  Do you think that’s enough time to get your message across?  A blog can hold attention for up to five minutes, but where does your reader go after that? You could change your link every time you want to have someone visit a different page on your website or you can use a content aggregator like  Linktree.

Using a Link in Bio Content Aggregator

There is more than one resource out there to help you get more content in front of your audience from Instagram or any other platform.  We have been using Linktree for years. 

If you go to the Linktree site you can sign up for free to start.  Their annual fee is determined by different features, but a free account will give you unlimited links and a chance to give them a little donation from time to time.  On the left is an image of what a Linktree page looks like on your computer


From this page you will be able to add different links.  If you look above on the left you will note a purple  “+Add Link” button.  When you click on it, you will see this:

All you need to do is insert the URL of the content page you want people to reach when they click your Instagram link in bio.  It will automatically be added to your list.

On the right hand side of the first image is what your list could look like on your smartphone.  We have our logo and the purple color because it represents our brand.  You can also use basic design functions within Linktree to create that connection to you and your brand or work.  With a content aggregator you can have as many items on the list as you like so a user could scroll down and check out more of what you have to say and share.

Be a Good Content Marketer

A good content marketer will figure out how to connect their platforms so that their audience will easily navigate their offerings.  It takes time to figure out what is optimal, but using a link in bio and a content aggregator is a more efficient way to highlight you and your products.

Check out last week’s blog on Instagram bios.  You can also our free course on book marketing.