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Links Round Up: Week of 10/5

Join me for my seminar: What is a brand and where can I get one? [Writers Circle]

Authors: Does your website provide book club questions? [Where Writers Win]

Review of Hazelden’s Conquer Chronic Pain [Publishers Weekly]

A good local bookseller can be an author’s best friend [Writers Circle]

Is it realllly okay though, George RR Martin? [Wired]

From Lift the Lid: Kitale, Kenya student on why she admires Oprah [Lift the Lid]

What were the best novels in 1898? [Open Culture]

7 steps for promoting your personal brand [PR Daily]

American Apparel’s ads: shocking, yes, but are they also just plain bad? [Guardian]

Why are little girl’s Halloween costumes still so sexy? [Psychology Today]

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