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Links Round Up: Week of 1/25

Do you have a lot of books in your #TBR pile? This calculator will tell you how long it’ll take to get through it. [Read It Forward]

Why do Twitter executives continue to fly the coop? [PR Newser]

Should fiction be timeless? Pop culture references in contemporary novels… [Electric Lit]

Can New York please get the next short-story vending machine? [The New Yorker]

This bloodhound ran a half-marathon, unbeknownst to her owners… [For The Win]

Why do we go straight for the milk and bread during a snowstorm? [Nat Geo]

This whole week belonged to #NationalBreakfastWeek so here’s the best breakfast foods! [PositiveHealthWellness]

Is your Frasier Crane showing? Using big words when smaller ones will do. [Where Writers Win]

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