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Links Round-Up: Week of 3/14

From the wonderful Pi Day to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day – this week has been all about enjoying national favorites.

Pi Day

The Chicago River dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day!

3.14 Random Facts about Pi Day! [The Verge]

Why you need a publicist in today’s book market. [The Indie Pub Mag]

Bookstores make you healthier??? [Amy Henry Books]

The Indie and Self-Publishing Revolution. [Publishers Weekly]

U.S. came in 7th for world’s most literate country. [The Guardian]

Need a little inspiration from your fictional favorites? [Electric Lit]

Build your brand through guest-blogging! [MarketDoc]

How Crucial is Creativity to your Business Success? [Business News Daily]

How publishing trends tend to grow. [The Guardian]

Check out The Lonely Entrepreneur for his business perspectives! [The Lonely Entrepreneur]

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