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Links Roundup, Week of 1/9

Happy Friday the 13th to all you superstitious folks out there!

(Just to be safe, we’re not walking under any ladders.)

A Q&A with family therapist Laurie B. Levine on her new book. [John Valerie]

So like, how obsessed with books are you really? [Buzzfeed]

5 suggestions to brightening an author’s attitude [Brad Graber]

7 ways authors can jumpstart branding for 2017 [SDBR]

Things authors need to remember when doing their own pr. [DBW]

Indie bookstores ended 2016 on a high note. [PW]

A list of books for dog lovers – I’ve read about half of these! [Bustle]

Wake me up when Winds of Winter is actually released. [Paste]

15 book blogs authors need to follow! [SMW]

Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling and more on how they revise. [LitHub]

3 keys for authors to produce social media engagement. [DBW]

How to go from author to book publisher. [The Book Designer]

Some writing goals to consider for 2017. [Worried Writer]

Hybrid, traditional, self publish: which route should you choose? [Jane Friedman]

If you’re going to be an author then you automatically have a brand. [The Creative Penn]