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Links Roundup: Week of 4/4

It’s the second weekend of April and we’re expecting snow showers tomorrow. We guess “April Showers” isn’t exclusive to rain. Have a (safe and warm) weekend!

We have a new social media e-guide. Check it out! [CMPR]

Famouse “one hit wonder” authors. [EW]

How do you get people to read your blog? [Write Life]

Can Facebook become…the world’s largest bookstore?? [DigiBookWorld]

Wednesday was National Walking Day! Where to walk in NJ. []

Will Medium become a publishing powerhouse? [Venture Beat]

Cats: Rulers of the internet. [PR Daily]

When friends don’t like your favorite books… [PW]

Carrie Rubin on her novel taking on the very real issues of fat-shaming [Wag the Fox]

How long should blogs be? How often should I do it? [Where Writers Win]

What you miss after your child learns to read 🙁 [WSJ]

The Perseus sale to Hachette Book Group completed this week [The Bookseller]

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