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Mystic Quest by Nancy Harvey

You have the power to remember the past, but also to foresee the future. Man does not use all of his gifts that were given to him at birth. You all possess great powers. You will soon discover the true potential that you all have, and what you are capable of in unity! Remember that you must be in unity. Man judges his fellow man by the color of his skin, his gender, and his race, yet he cannot see that he is in the presence of his brother of light.”

All seemed normal for young Alex and William as they began their family holiday in Grand Teton National Park. While out for a hike in the sprawling wilderness, the two are suddenly flung into a tumultuous adventure. But, unbeknownst to them, that adventure would change the course of their lives forever. The next thing they know, the pair accidentally stumbles into a cave with magical properties where they meet Chief White Feather- their celestial guide who tells them of their place amidst an ancient prophecy. Alex, the ‘daydreamer’, and William, a worker of white light, are no longer normal humans after all.

In part one of Nancy Harvey’s MYSTIC QUEST: The Magical Journey Begins (ISBN: 978-2-89626-536-7, Ariane Editions, October 2020, $18.95, Original Trade Paperback), Supreme rulers of the High Celestial Council hide a number of powerful artifacts throughout the globe to combat a growing dark force. It is the sacred duty of Alex and William to find these items before those with evil intentions get to them first. However, our heroes are not alone. Along the way, they meet a cast of supernatural friends who provide both protection and great power. They must also face supernatural foes who wish to stop them from fulfilling the prophecy and plunge the Earth into darkness. On top of saving the world, Alex must also navigate the ways of the heart- with three handsome young men: a human, an angel, and a demon, all trying to win her over. But who will she choose? 

In part one of a 4-part series, join our young heroes on an adventure of a lifetime as they traverse continents, space, and time itself in order to rid the Earth of evil forces; a classic tale of good versus evil with an exciting fantastical twist. Providing both puzzles and abundant intrigue,  MYSTIC QUEST is guaranteed to suck the reader into its fast-paced adventure full of whimsy, magic, peril, romance, and even some supernatural beings. Will Alex and William be able to pull through and fulfill the prophecy in time? Or, will Earth be left at the mercy of the darkness? 

MYSTIC QUEST: The Magical Journey Begins
By Nancy Harvey
Ariane Editions
ISBN: 978-2-89626-536-7
Publication Date: October, 2020
Original Trade Paperback
448 pp

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