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Check back often as we update this page for new PR Events and News Updates. You can also see a list of previous events many of our clients have benefited from including writers, book publishing, and social media marketing.


View on NBC’s “The Today Show” website.

Publishers Weekly (July 7th, 2011 Print Issue): Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does?

C-SPAN Book TV (May 2008): BEA Los Angeles 2008/Henry Holt & Company

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 7:00PM
Peapack/Gladstone Public Library
Social Media 101 For Authors
Discussion / Q&A

Online Articles/Guest Posts

Where Writers Win (March 2017): PR 101: 4 Things to Consider for Your Author Photo

Where Writers Win (February 2017): Creating Your Perfect Author Bio – Long & Short Form

Where Writers Win (September 2016): Why Your Book Distribution May Be Disappointing

Where Writers Win (July 2016): Book and Author PR 101: Five Reasons Why Press Releases Still Matter

Where Writers Win (June 2016): Book Marketing 101: 10 Things You Need to Know About Bestsellers Lists

Where Writers Win (May 2016): Indie Authors: The Value of a Publishing Consultant

Where Writers Win (February 2016): Is Publishing Abroad the Solution to Rejection in the US?

Where Writers Win (February 2016): Accept the Audience That Wants Your Book and Reap the Benefits

Where Writers Win (October 2015): Self-Publishing 101: Front Matter and Back Matter—More Competitive Editorial Strategies for Making your Book Stand Out

Where Writers Win (September 2015): Indie Book Biz 101: Four Tips to Produce a Good-Looking Book

Independent Publisher (May 2015): Publicity 101: Q&A with Claire McKinney

Where Writers Win (February 2015): Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations: Can You Have One and Not the Others?

Writers Inner Journey (December 2014): The 5-Question Publicist Interview: Claire McKinney

Where Writers Win (September 2014): How Many Books Should You Be Selling?

Where Writers Win (September 2014): Will Bookstores Sell Your Indie Books?

The Fiction Reboot (July 2014): Book Marketing: Branding, Anyone?

Where Writers Win (September 2013): Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does?

Past Events

Social Media 101 For Authors (Mendham, NJ | March 2017)
Mendham Messenger / Mendham Burough Library

Social Media 101 For Authors (Long Valley, NJ | December 2016)
WTPL December Programs

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Discovery Show (Savannah, GA | September 2016)
Off the Grid: Nontraditional Ways to Get Author Events

Indie Author Day (Long Valley, NJ | September 2016) Indie Author Day at Washington Township Public Library

PubSense Summit (Charleston, SC | March 2015):
Guest Post: Five Publicist Takeaways from PubSense Summit
Claire McKinney Returns to PubSense/Press Release

PubSmartCon (Charleston, SC | March 2014):
Publicizing a book? What to Expect and When!

Book Expo America (New York, NY | May 2010)
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Publishing Comes to BEA/Press Release