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Publication Day

I wrote a book, it is releasing today, and I can hardly believe it.

It’s called Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does? A Guide For Creating Your Own Campaigns and the actual publication of it has been a pretty scary endeavor.  Not so much because of the mechanisms of publishing, but more so because it is very humbling to put your own words out there for everyone to read (and criticize).   So far, the feedback I’ve received has been good. I’ve even been told that the book will help a lot of authors, which is my ultimate goal.

I wrote the book because I know that all kinds of authors need information.  They need to know what book promotion is and how it works.  So many people come to me either after they’ve been taken advantage of by someone else, or when they simply have no idea of what comes next.  This book is for them.

I also am hoping my colleagues will appreciate that what we do and the amount of work it takes is now organized in a readable form.  Some people will definitely use the book to organize their own promotion efforts, which is terrific.  Others who have the means to will hire their own publicists.  Great!  I plan to give it to entry level people I hire for my business who need to learn about campaigns.  The process I’ve described and the stories contained in the book are all things I’ve told people I’ve trained along the way and I am happy to say that my previous staff members have moved onward and upward in their careers.

The methods and skill set we use as publicists are not a secret, and the stories we provide are all around us.  How we do our jobs can be transparent as well.  Now we can let others decide what it takes to promote a book, and maybe working together we will all have even greater successes.

Thank you for your readership and if you do delve into the book, I hope you will leave a comment here, tweet at me @McKinneyPR, or put a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.  Enjoy!