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Publicity 101: Events for You and Your New Book


Events are one way to create opportunities for media coverage, book sales, cultivating an audience, and properly celebrating your new release! If you aren’t sure what sort of events that you should participate in for your new book, we have a few ideas.

Here are some ideas for events to create excitement for your new book:

Bookstores. There are usually two options: A formal signing, the format for this style including a talking or reading, question-and-answer period, and book signing afterwards; and a scheduled signing, which entails sitting at a table and simply signing copies for customers.

Libraries. Usually libraries host author events, so you should call your branch and see if there is an events or programming person who can assist you.

Corporations or Businesses. Big companies often host authors as part of programs offered by Human Resources. You can pitch yourself for one of these to talk about a wide range of topics, from health and wellness to mysteries and thrillers.

Associations. Groups like the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and Junior League often host speakers. You can go to the local chapter and ask them if they do these types of events.

Conferences. There are lots of writers’ conferences as well as gatherings for every subject you can imagine! Search the web for markets and audiences, and look on the website to find out if they are accepting applications for speakers or panelists.

Launch Parties. A party for family and friends at your house or a local venue/restaurant that you can easily afford to throw is a nice gesture and low-pressure way of celebrating your new book.

Is there a local bookstore that you frequent that might host a book signing for you? Have you ever had a non-traditional event for your book that did very well and moved copies? Tweet us @mckinneypr with your thoughts!

For a detailed overview of events and other opportunities to take advantage of, Claire McKinney’s new how-to book Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does? A Guide for Creating Your Own Campaigns has more information on the subject.

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