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Publicity 101: Who are the Media?

Who Are the Media

Who Are the Media









Written by Arianna Parks

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape use.
-Marshall McLuhen, Canadian media theorist

Who are the media? The question of who exactly the media are, or what “it” is has been one pertinent to the public as of late. While technology evolves, the definition of media changes. Knowing what the media are, along with the “who” in charge is especially important to promoting your book.

Who are the media?

The “What” of Media: Journalists, PR professionals, and others in businesses relating to the wider public audience split media into two categories, legacy or “traditional” media, and new media. Legacy media includes newspapers, television, and books. New media encompasses digital, from blogs, online papers and magazines, and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube!).

The “Who” of Media: Perhaps the most important aspect of media, the “who” include those holding job titles behind media outlets. Journalists, editors, critics, bloggers, staff writers, assignment editors, and content managers are under this category.

Maintaining good relations with those holding such titles helps establish a substantial media presence. The key to good relations surpasses just a knowledge of the media world.

With the words of media theorist Marshall McLuhen in mind, take the powerful tool of media and behold how it shapes your audience!

Interested in the in-depth details of media and what they mean? Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does? by Claire McKinney covers this and other areas that are important to promoting your book.