PR Services

Building personal brands is an exciting part of the public relations business. Media, messaging, and marketing can work together to help thought leaders, inventors, innovators, professionals, and entrepreneurs become part of the conversation; become leaders in their fields; and grow their businesses.   CMPR’s public relations campaigns include our Individual Brand Identification™ process, by which we help you assess what your strengths and marketable assets are, in addition to your work.  We will provide a written brand summary which becomes the foundation for your campaign’s strategy, messaging, media targets, social platforms, and events.  Our clients have honed their current careers and crafted entirely new ones.  Who do you want to be?

These in-depth campaigns also include:

  • Custom press kits
  • Book publicity/Media Relations
  • Events and book tours
  • Award-submissions
  • Festival and conference submissions
  • Social media consulting

Additional social media and marketing options are available

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