Public Relations Blog

The first day…

This is my first day of blogging, but I think it’s time to start contributing to the conversation about the media world, entrepreneurship, and other subjects as they come to mind.

For the past fifteen years I have worked as a publicist in the publishing industry and most recently I have been developing and growing my own public relations agency, which focuses on building brands and platforms for books, authors, educational programs, websites, and other intellectual properties.  Here are ten things I’ve learned about public relations and publicity in fifteen years:

1. Much of what you see on television, hear on the radio, or read in the paper or online was originated by a pr person or advertiser.

2. As per above, if you think lawyers and politicians are dangerous, think about the minds behind the movements.

3. Image is everything (nearly everything).  If someone likes you (writer, speaker, actor, spokesperson of any kind) then he/she is more likely to buy into or buy what you represent.

4. If #3 is true then image engenders trust–a most valuable tool in the world of communications.

5. Internet publicity and marketing do not necessarily sell products, but they spread word-of-mouth and create interest in the mainstream/traditional media.

6. One day very soon in addition to handling media relations on the ground, publicists will be handling a complete array of print and “broadcast” media online.

7. For 99% of the projects/people I represent, the road to public acknowledgement is not a short one.  The quick trip to stardom we see on American Idol is not the reality most people face when trying to create a platform and profile.

8. Local media will rise again, even if it is national media that creates the local venue (i.e. Aol Patch;

9. What is most known is not necessarily the most valuable.

10. Passion can produce surprising results.

I may flesh these out in the coming posts or refer to them down the road.  The rules are always shifting and the competition is fierce.  I hope you enjoy my writings and that you will let me know what I can tell you about this world.