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Publicity 101: What is your book about?

What is your book about CMPRIf someone asked you what is your book is about, how would you answer?  Can you respond in two or three sentences?  Is it an interesting description that would make you stand up and pay attention?  Clearly book topics and subjects will appeal to different types of people, and that is just fine.

When you are determining what your book is and how you will describe it, you must envision the audience you are trying to engage with.   If your book is a mystery, then say “It’s mystery/thriller/suspense”.  The way you shape your response to the question “What is your book about?” is the opportunity for you to hook a potential reader or media entity.  Then you can dig deeper.

To get to the heart of your “story’s story” and find the hidden chances for better publicity coverage, try answering the following questions:

  • What is your book about?
  • Where does it take place?
  • Where do you live?
  • Do you have any autobiographical contributions to the story, such as medical expertise?
  • Who would find this interesting?
  • Does your story address any “hot button” issues like civil rights, drug abuse, weight loss, relationships?

Knowing what you are delivering is a critical key in preparing a publicity campaign. With any kind of book written by an unknown, the publicity plan and promotional trajectory is about trying to get the most people to open the book and read it!  Bloggers, book reviewers, trade reviews, author events, conferences, parties, local tv, radio, and print are all pitched all of the time.  The idea is to create a media list of fans who will support the books and the author by reviewing the books favorably and encouraging their readerships to get the books for themselves.

“What is your book about?” is just one aspect to be explored in the name of publicity and promotion of your book. Check out our blog for future blog posts on other aspects you need to consider for a book pr campaign!

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