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There are over 3.3 billion people on social media. Small and individually branded businesses generally do not have the budgets or the manpower to use the same strategies and tools that Fortune 100s and above are implementing. But, our content and social media strategies need to be planned just as carefully with considerable attention paid to our brands and our audiences. Authenticity, flexibility, and hands-on engagement are the assets we bring to the table when it comes to tending and building a following. However, since the average successful social campaign requires a checklist of at least 14 different tasks that take a lot of time away from growing and managing a business, CMPR has developed a product that can help.

Our Audience Curation Management™ program is all about focusing on the right social platforms for your message and the best customized content that will promote you and your business.

An Audience Creation Management™ package can include:

    • Original blog posts
    • Individualized content strategy for you, your business, and your brand
    • Monthly editorial calendars
    • Creating a newsletter and managing your subscriber list
    • Posting on social platforms
    • Engaging with your audience
    • Creating unique promotions that will drive sign-ups
    • Weekly reports updating our progress

Social Media Marketing

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