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Conquer Chronic Pain by Peter Przekop, DO, PHD

Conquer Chronic Pain

“Chronic pain affects as many as 30 percent of Americans . . . there are about 320 million people living in the United States, which means that approximately 110 million of them are likely to have chronic pain.” —Peter Przekop

Chronic pain is most widely defined as “any pain that persists for three months or more.” Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain every day, and some of the current treatments available may actually be causing additional harm or prolonged suffering. One of the most common treatment methods, the prescribing of opioid medications such as Vicodin and OxyContin, can have undesirable side effects and lead to addiction. In his book CONQUER CHRONIC PAIN: An Innovative Mind-Body Approach (Hazelden; November 3, 2015; $15.95; Original Trade Paperback), Peter Przekop, DO, PhD, provides healthy alternatives to treating chronic pain.
Dr. Przekop suggests that chronic pain is actually a disease in the brain and not only affects the brain, mind, and body but actually becomes part of the individual. Through his research, he discovered that people who could not cope with stress and who internalized emotions had an increased risk of becoming chronically ill. In addition, Dr. Przekop reveals that past negative experiences can hinder the healing process. The author also offers important information regarding the structure of the brain, how the mind is different from the brain, how the mind works, and how chronic pain alters brain functions.

This groundbreaking book also includes eighteen exercises specifically designed to help conquer chronic pain, including mindful movement–a schema exercise that helps us understand how our mind processes information—and clearing adversity, which helps us to clear negative energy that is locked inside, creating adversity.


  • Why people experience chronic pain and the factors that contribute to it
  • Exercises to help conquer chronic pain based on the philosophy of Qigong, as well as the six principles they are based upon
  • What the “three minds” are and their importance to alleviating pain
  • The chemical reactions behind pain signals
  • What neuroplasticity is and how it relates to chronic pain

CONQUER CHRONIC PAIN helps us to better understand chronic pain by explaining its causes and effects on the mind and body, reveals how a person’s coping strategies determine his or her ability to handle pain, and provides the exercises and information to assist in conquering chronic pain.

Peter Przekop, DO, PhD, has been doing research and developing his alternative model for managing chronic pain for more than ten years, four of them with the chronic pain clinic at the Betty Ford Center, and has published a number of research papers on the subject. Learn more about Dr. Przekop and his program by visiting

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Conquer Chronic Pain: An Innovative Mind-Body Approach
By Peter Przekop, DO, PhD
Hazelden Publishing
Publication Date: November 3, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1616497897
Original Trade Paperback
Price: $15.95
Pages: 200 pp.