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Links Round Up, Week of 11/16

Thanksgiving is next week! What does 200 calories of a Thanksgiving meal look like? [Mental Floss]

How the ‘Peace for Paris’ sign spread around the world [Fast Company]

Maggie Kneip and her painful discovery her husband has HIV [NY Post]

2015 National Book Award winners announced [GalleyCat]

A long-lost Faulkner play has been published for the first time [AP]

Gawker is retooling as a political-based website [NY Times]

How can we raise a resilient girl? [Wisconsin Public Radio]

Literary Iceland [NY Times]

Self-publishing tips from an indie author [Publishers Weekly]

Carly Simon partially reveals her blind-item song “You’re So Vain” [E!]

What can small businesses learn from the Star Wars marketing blitz? [Entrepreneur]

After 22 years (12 years with Joel McHale), The Soup is going off the air [Just Jared]

Writing tips: harnessing the power of your writing community! [Where Writers Win]