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Links Round Up: Week of 2/1

Accepting the audience that wants your book [Where Writers Win]

What’s the most overused word in public speaking? [PR Daily]

Infinite Jest at 20. [NYT]

What is a book blogger? [Hello Chick Lit]

Joe Alaskey, the voice of Bugs Bunny, died this week. [THR]

The science behind daydreaming & how you can re-train your brain to focus [Fast Company]

Is Amazon planning to open 400 bookstores? [Publishers Weekly]

Robert Durst (of The Jinx documentary) has pleaded guilty to gun charges. [NYT]

Self publishing success: Be realistic. [Publishers Weekly]

Are you living true to yourself? From wonderful author Sara Goff. [ACW]

98 book marketing ideas! [BookBub]

When is criticism unfair? [NYT Bookends]

Science says speed reading doesn’t work. [Inc.]

In honor of James Joyce’s birthday this week, his love letters [Brainpickings]

For Superbowl 50: What makes a great Superbowl ad? [PR Newser]

And for those who don’t care about the Superbowl… Puppies!! [EW]