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The Recovering Heart: Emotional Sobriety for Women

RecoveringHeartFINFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Beyond the physical and biological effects that have taken a toll on those in recovery from addiction, a wide range of emotions can begin to emerge even after sobriety takes hold. Often these are feelings that until now were either suppressed or dealt with by self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs. Women new to sobriety are especially prone to this emotional turmoil and—according to Beverly Conyers in her new book THE RECOVERING HEART: Emotional Sobriety for Women (Hazelden Publishing; 978-1-61649-437-7; $14.95; June 25, 2013; Original Trade Paperback)—must address it in order to grow and flourish.Conyers, author of the recovery classic Addict in the Family, describes in THE RECOVERING HEART how the seeds of insecurity are planted early on for women in our culture: on one hand, we are expected to be nurturing, pleasant, and wholesome. On the other hand, pornography permeates our culture and degrades the value of women. We are expected to be chaste and at the same time sexually proficient. We are told it’s our minds, not our bodies, that matter, yet we are judged by our physical attractiveness.

In addition to societal challenges, for women growing up in an abusive or traumatic environment, the damage only increases. They can be left with deep-rooted feelings of shame, self-loathing, and unworthiness, and they often end up suffering from destructive relationships and some form of addiction. They may also find themselves physically incapable of experiencing feelings of happiness and joy due to underdeveloped areas of the brain.

In THE RECOVERING HEART, Conyers guides women in achieving emotional sobriety by:

  • developing inner resiliency to process buried emotions
  • freeing positive feelings of self-worth, independence, and integrity
  • improving communication skills
  • expanding capacity for intimacy and trust
  • reawakening a spiritual life

THE RECOVERING HEART is full of anecdotes from the lives of real women who have struggled and found hope and healing in emotional sobriety. Each chapter also includes suggested questions for journaling or reflecting to help women understand what they are going through. For any woman who has experienced trauma, depression, or addiction, THE RECOVERING HEART is a necessary companion to heal the wounded heart, find freedom in a life of self-acceptance, and lay the foundation for a relapse-free second stage of recovery.

Beverly Conyers, M.A., is an editor and freelance writer who lives in New England. She is the author of Addict in the Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery and Everything Changes: Help for Families of Newly Recovering Addicts