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Trine Fallacy by C.K. Donnelly

A book cover with a red background that fades to black around the corners. In the center is a ruby colored amulet on a dark grey chain. The author name C.K. Donnelly is at the top and the book title Trine Fallacy: Book 2: The Kinderra Saga is at the bottom.“The Power from Without wasn’t a surrender but a domination. The emptiness created as she bled the life from the sailor only magnified the desire to pull even more life to her to fill it, an unending addiction. Using it made her crave more power. The more power she poured out through the amulet, the more she wanted. The need became an obsession, unstoppable.”

Mirana Pinal has nowhere to hide. After attempting to deny her true identity, she has been revealed as a legendary Trine—a rare individual who possesses three powers from the divine Aspects Above. Most people blessed with an Aspect would be a Defender, a Healer, or a Seer, but Mirana is all three, and her first experience harnessing these powers almost killed her.

But, with her title comes the immense responsibility to protect her home of Kinderra, a land ravaged by a ceaseless conflict with the Ken’nar. In C.K. Donnelly’s highly anticipated second book in The Kinderra Saga, TRINE FALLACY (Kibbe Creative Media LLC, August 31, 2021), Mirana and her mentor journey across the lands of Kinderra to find the answers they seek to save her beloved Kinderra and its people.

Through haunted desert canyons, harrowing oceanic trips, and hostile cities, Mirana finds that there is much about the history of Kinderra she does not know. And much, in fact, that she should not trust. Meanwhile, her parents and the other Aspected who defend Kinderra find themselves amidst hopeless battles and hollow victories. The Ken’nar forces that attack relentlessly are growing stronger, and the Kinderrans cannot seem to overcome them.

“‘Mirana, there are many things we wish were not true, but to ignore them is a fallacy leading to self-destruction.’ His voice had dropped to a whisper. ‘Accounts of such a skill exist in ancient, long-forbidden texts.’

She raised an eyebrow. ‘If they are forbidden, how do you know about it?’

He threw another twig into the fire. ‘No knowledge is truly forbidden. It is only how one uses such knowledge that makes it damning.’”

TRINE FALLACY brilliantly begins to answer the questions left at the end of Trine Rising, weaving an incredibly rich and complex tapestry. Set in an immersive world all its own, TRINE FALLACY is a book that has both flashes of exhilarating hope and moments of bleak reality. Both are palpable through the lens of the rich and compelling characters who tell them. At its heart, TRINE FALLACY is a gripping exploration of the area that exists between the light and the dark and how one finds their own truth within it.

About The Author

While other kids read comic books under the covers with a flashlight at bedtime, C.K. DONNELLY wrote fan fiction and fantasy stories. She used her love of writing to pursue a career in journalism and was honored with several press awards for business and economic reporting. She has also held careers in healthcare, and currently runs a freelance writing and marketing support firm. She resides in Arizona with her oh-so-patient husband and her little black dog (who is equally patient). She no longer writes under the covers by flashlight. Usually.

Trine Fallacy
Book 2: The Kinderra Saga
By C.K. Donnelly
Kibbe Creative Media LLC
Publication Date: August 31, 2021
Hardcover ISBN/Price: 978-1-7350518-4-0; $25.95
Paperback ISBN/Price: 978-1-7350518-5-7; $14.95
Ebook ISBN/Price: 978-1-7350518-6-4; $9.95
Pages: 400

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