Links Round Up Week of 9/5

Summer is officially over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Autumn is one of our favorite seasons-changing colors, pumpkin decorations, Halloween candy, the kids are back in school…What isn’t there to like?


Merle Bombardieri talks about The Baby Decision. [Refinery29]

Apple’s iPhone 7 event was this week. [The Verge]

An editor has advice if you want to write a great novel. [Mashable]

Quirky libraries popping up across Scotland-I’ve seen a few in the US as well. [STV]

George R.R. Martin’s publisher addresses the Winds of Winter pub date leak. [HuffPost]

How to write a click-worthy blog title. Molly Greene’s blog is worth bookmarking! [Molly Greene]

Links Round Up: Week of 8/1

The first week of August started out rainy and humid, but on this Friday we couldn’t ask for sunnier skies. TGIF!

B&N Opens Its Shelves for Indies [BookWorks]

4 ways for authors to use LinkedIn [Where Writers Win]

Why you should join the adult coloring book revolution (and some nice colored pencils [Bustle]

In honor of James Baldwin’s birthday, his advice on writing [Brain Pickings]

Dr. Suess’s secret art collection goes on view [HuffPost]

Historical Novel Society’s review of Broken Ground [HNS]

“My husband doesn’t read my books” [Women Writers]

James Baldwin quotes (again in honor of his birthday!) [Blavity]

Links Round Up: Week of 7/18

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend–they’re calling for a heat wave!–so stay cool, hydrated, and curled up with a good book (preferably in front of a fan and/or air conditioner).


ICYMI: Our new infographic on hiring a publishing consultant! [CMPR]

This week’s tips from an indie author [BookLife]

Manhattan Book Review has partnered with David Finkle for his short story series! [MBR]

B&N is opening up to indies, but it comes with some rules. [BookWorks]

Make America Read Again! [Buzzfeed]

Great review of Karen Halvorsen Schreck’s novel Broken Ground! [AAR]

From the Nat’l Archives: Ernest Hemingway’s passport! []

Dr. Harry Haroutunian on Steppin’ Out Radio [Steppin’ Out]

Health food is blander than ever (and it’s making us fat). [Vox]


Links Roundup: Week of 6/13

Our hearts and thoughts are with all of those affected by the events in Orlando this week.

What should writers know about book covers? [Writer’s Digest]

10 Things You Need to Know About Bestsellers Lists [Where Writer’s Win]

Microsoft bought LinkedIn this week for over $26 billion. [NYT]

CONFIRMED that a pretty, pretty, pretty good season 9 of Curb will happen! [Mashable]

For self-publishers: How to prepare for e-book distribution. [DBW]

Links Roundup: Week of 6/6

School’s almost out for the summer, but we’re staying in to bring you the publishing, marketing, and pr news we found interesting from the web. TGIF!

The indie authors guide to events [Publishers Weekly]

Social media and why it is valuable for authors [Where Writers Win]

Are distributors the new “gatekeepers” of book publishing? [Huffington Post]

If you haven’t checked out LitHub’s new book-grading service, it’s worth taking a look at! [Newsweek]

Some great advice on writing guest posts. [Business2Community]