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Links Round Up: Week of 7/18

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend–they’re calling for a heat wave!–so stay cool, hydrated, and curled up with a good book (preferably in front of a fan and/or air conditioner).


ICYMI: Our new infographic on hiring a publishing consultant! [CMPR]

This week’s tips from an indie author [BookLife]

Manhattan Book Review has partnered with David Finkle for his short story series! [MBR]

B&N is opening up to indies, but it comes with some rules. [BookWorks]

Make America Read Again! [Buzzfeed]

Great review of Karen Halvorsen Schreck’s novel Broken Ground! [AAR]

From the Nat’l Archives: Ernest Hemingway’s passport! []

Dr. Harry Haroutunian on Steppin’ Out Radio [Steppin’ Out]

Health food is blander than ever (and it’s making us fat). [Vox]