Made for More by Lindsay Sealey

The cover of Made for More by Lindsay SealeyRelinquish the pressures of who you “should be” to who you can be—and rise to become even more than you imagined.

The most difficult part of one’s life often starts with figuring out who you are. For some of us, this question has been put on the backburner for many reasons: the business of daily life, the stress of outside influence and pressure, or simply the anxiety inherent in self-reflection. You may not even be able to pinpoint exactly why you struggle to figure out what matters most to you! If you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of introspection, Made for More (Wonderwell, September 6th, 2022, ISBN: 978-1-63756-006-8 / 978-1-63756-007-5, Original Trade Paperback / eBook) by Lindsay Sealey will take your hand and provide the structure needed while trying to answer the all-important question: What do you really want from life and how do you make it yours?

Lindsay Sealey explores seven key areas of growth: authenticity, happiness, confidence, progression, mindfulness, connection, and power. The book is broken down into seven chapters dedicated to defining the meaning of each, discovering how to avoid their pitfalls and how to leverage their benefits. Learning how to get more of what you want and to let go of what you no longer need, you can find your own values and live a life beyond self-imposed boundaries.

“Inspiring, thought-provoking, and relatable. In a world so busy with to-do lists and digital distractions, Lindsay breaks down the beliefs and barriers that hold many of us back. Her strategies and stories offer readers practical ways to release these old habits and live a life that truly fuels them.”Dr. Nicole Clement, ND, Skin Method

Made for More is a guide to getting a fresh start in life and realizing that the happiest path in life is the one you make for your most genuine self. Though the guide is geared towards young women, emphasizing Gen Z and the unique struggles they face— from digital distractions to changing societal pressures— it offers advice that can be taken at any age. The journey to becoming your boldest, most joyful self is never easy, but no one says it needs to be taken alone. Lindsay Sealey provides a brilliant and insightful reference book for the common strife faced when examining your needs and wants in life. Drawing from her experience as a life coach and educator, her suggestions are gentle, but demand honesty and confrontation when asking yourself the difficult questions. What does happiness look like to you? Why does confidence matter and how do you build it? Are you cultivating your most authentic self? Made for More is an inspirational call to action filled with creative tools and tips to help you live a balanced, purposeful life.

Made for More
By Lindsay Sealey
Publisher: Wonderwell
Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-63756-006-8 / 978-1-63756-007-5
Original Trade Paperback / eBook
Price: $22.00 / $14.49
Pages: 225

Baby Care Anywhere by Ben Spitalnick, MD, MBA, FAAP & Keith Seibert, MD, MBA, FAAP

Baby Care Anywhere
The portable pocket guide to the baby basics that fits perfectly in a diaper bag or stroller pocket

CHICAGO: “Welcome to parenthood—in the age of ‘information overload,’” is the opening to a new resource for parents, Baby Care Anywhere: A Quick Guide to Parenting On the Go (American Academy of Pediatrics, July 2015) by Ben Spitalnick, MD, MBA, FAAP, and Keith Siebert, MD, MBA, FAAP. This go-to guide is the perfect, handy companion for new parents who are out and about with their child at the park, grocery store, shopping mall, airport, or anywhere else when they need quick and easy-to-find answers to difficult questions.

Drs. Spitalnick and Seibert have culled essential information that addresses questions their patient families raise over and over again. “Think of it as the reference manual that should have come with your newborn,” the doctors explain.

Busy new parents can rest assured they’ll have quick access to everything they need to know about jaundice, diaper rash, earaches, immunizations, sleep, reflux, fever, and much more at their fingertips. Baby Care Anywhere addresses 150 of the most frequently asked questions and concerns raised by new parents including:

  • What to ask at checkups
  • How to identify symptoms that need a doctor’s attention
  • What the top 12 diagnoses are and how to manage them
  • What things parents need to do to keep their children safe
  • What the must-haves are when on the go

Other invaluable information includes how to find a pediatrician and make the most out of doctor visits, feeding and bathing a newborn, and the top 10 symptoms that trigger a doctor visit for children. The guide also features helpful checklists and charts that parents can fill out for their own reference.

This portable pocket guide to baby basics fits perfectly in a diaper bag or stroller pocket, making it a great resource for new moms and dads on the go. Baby Care Anywhere is an empowerment tool for families that distills critical information for quick answers to parents’ questions – saving them precious time better spent on their new bundle of joy.

Ben Spitalnick, MD, MBA, FAAP, is a general pediatrician whose clinical experiences include office patient care, hospitalist duties, and newborn nursery care. He is managing partner of an 11-physician pediatric practice.

Keith Seibert, MD, MBA, FAAP, is a pediatrician and board member for a large multispecialty group practice in Savannah, GA. He has served as chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at both of the region’s hospital systems.

Book Details:
Title: Baby Care Anywhere: A Quick Guide to Parenting On the Go
Authors: Ben Spitalmick, MD, MBA, FAAP and Keith Seibert, MD, MBA, FAAP
Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
Distributed by Perseus Distribution
Publication: July 2015, $12.95 (CAN $ 14.95)
ISBN: 978-1-58110-896-5, eBook ISBN: 978-1-58110-897-2
Parenting & Family Care, 250 pages, 5 x 7

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