Ruthi Postow Birch

Ruthi Postow Birch started life in deep-south Alabama in a town that straddled the poverty line. She rose to be one of the most respected members of the Washington, DC, business community, guided by the uncomplicated common-sense principles she learned from the working-class people who raised her.

After graduating from college, she taught middle school for two years in Braselton, Georgia, but her dream was of a career in businesses. Moving to Washington, Ruthi joined a staffing firm and launched her business career. But she entered the job market at a time when men were the professionals and women were “girls,” expected to settle for second place. She broke through the limits to become the company’s top producer and remained there throughout her career. She was also active in business organizations and served on committees with the Greater Washington Board of Trade.

In 2001, she founded Ruthi Postow Staffing, recruiting temporary and permanent employees for business in the DC area. The company has won several awards, including Washington Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work,” and “Future Fifty” by SmartCEO magazine. In 2005 she established an annual scholarship dedicated to helping others succeed through education.

Ruthi wrote a column for The Washington Business Journal for two years. She created two blogs, Three O’clock in the Morning and I Hate Interviewing.

Ruthi is the mother of three boys, each on his own path to success. She lives in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband, Ron Birch; their Wheaten terrier, Mr. Magoo; and a family of chimney swifts that return every spring to nest in their 18th-century chimney.

How to Build a Piano Bench is Ruthi’s first book.

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Learning 4 Purpose International Study


Learning 4 Purpose“Purpose is a way for individuals to link their present and their future.  First, purpose helps them envision their future in a particular way—how their contributions matter in the bigger picture of society.  Second, purpose keeps that future vision in mind when individuals make decisions in their daily lives.”                                         —Dr. Seana Moran, Clark University


Researchers Find Having a Sense of Purpose toward a Prosocial Aim
Is a Beacon for Today’s Youth to Influence Others Positively

January 30, 2017, Worcester, Massachusetts …Results of a three-year study on how young people develop a life purpose will be released by Dr. Seana Moran, Research Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology at Clark University, who led a multinational team of collaborators at nine universities in six countries: China, South Korea, Brazil, Finland, Spain, and the United States. The research was funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation[1], and the goal was to explore how life purpose is defined by youth and supported through education and community engagement.

The U.S. sample came from a large public university, a small private liberal arts university, and a technical university.  In addition to finding out how other countries and cultures think about life purpose, Dr. Moran’s collaboration found positive links between students having a sense of purpose and feeling good about serving the community, and between helping others and strengthening one’s sense of purpose. Students with life purposes specifically aimed to benefit others indicated stronger intentions and engagement in helping behaviors. Engaging their purposes was associated with stronger self-efficacy to make positive effects on others, which tended to manifest a stronger sense that they were important to the people in their lives.

Other considerations from the study include:

  • In most of the countries, having a strong sense of purpose is associated with a low searching for a purpose, and having a purpose tended to more strongly influence motivation to help others. But in South Korea, students tended to have both a strong sense of having a purpose and searching for a purpose, and searching for purpose tended to have a stronger influence on helping others.
  • Purpose isn’t something a young person “gets” or “obtains.” It is something they practice, and it is a long-term pursuit.
  • Youth without clear purpose can be more easily swayed by external forces–like flash mobs, propaganda, or empty promises—because they don’t have an internal “compass” to direct their attention and actions toward meaningful pursuits.
  • Students coming into a service-learning experience may already have life purposes in motion, and professors have the opportunity to incorporate that energy into student enjoyment for learning and making contributions to society.

For more information or to speak with Dr. Seana Moran, contact: Claire McKinney at or 908-955-7563.

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[1] This study was made possible in part through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to Clark University. The opinions expressed in this study are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funder.

Kym Gold Online Branding

Kym Gold

Kym Gold

Raised in Malibu, California, Kym Gold was influenced by the endless golden sunsets and natural beauty of her surroundings. Throughout the last 25 years, Kym’s unwavering drive and captivating style has helped to achieve multiple successes in the fashion industry.

Kym Gold incepted notable clothing labels including: True Religion Brand Jeans, Bella Dahl, Hippie Jeans, and Babakul. STYLE UNION, her fashion collaboration with young fashion powerhouse trio 3JAINS, is launching in 2017. A luscious new luxury knitwear collection with a disheveled sexy look, STYLE UNION is designed for the modern woman.

Kym’s fashions over the years have been worn by a diverse range of individuals such as David Beckham, Tom Ford, Angelina Jolie, Donna Karan, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Holly Robinson Peete, and Justin Timberlake. Her designs have been featured in top fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, and Rolling Stone.

In 2014, Kym released her memoir-business advice book, GOLD STANDARD: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire with co-author Sharon Soboil. The book shares her vast experience and insight into the fashion industry, and her personal journey along the way to success.

Kym also mentors new designers, and is an advocate for Phoenix Fashion Week. She has provided domestic and international consultation for start-up fashion companies.

Kym feels strongly about empowering a younger generation of women. She believes sharing her tumultuous journey in the fashion industry, especially as a leading business woman in a man’s game; her personal struggles; and business failures and successes, will give valued insight to upcoming fashionistas and provide the extra-needed strength and useful tools to help women become a better version of themselves.

Twitter: @kym_gold

Instagram: @kym3313


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Chanticleer Book Reviews Hosts 3-Day Event for Writers and Readers


Bellingham Welcomes World Renown Authors at Awards Banquet and Writers Conference

Chanticleer Book Reviews Hosts Writers and Readers for 3-Day Event

Bellingham, WA, March 21, 2017, C.C. Humphreys and Robert Dugoni are two of the big names expected to participate in the fifth annual Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Banquet, to be held March 31st – April 1st at the Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, WA.   Authors and book lovers who register are invited to attend workshops, the popular Books By the Bay Book Fair, and the International Book Awards Ceremony on the evening of April 1st.

The Books By the Bay book festival will also be located at the Hotel Bellwether and it will be open the general public.   Children’s books, science fiction, thrillers, romance, historical fiction, paranormal, and other genres written by the awards finalists and semi-finalists will be available for sale from one of the conference sponsors, Village Books.  Many of the authors will be available on Sunday, April 2nd from 1:00 to 4:30pm to engage in book signings and panel discussions.

Sponsors of the conference and prizes include Book Baby and Ingram Spark, two companies that have had a significant impact on the world of independent presses and authors.  More than $30,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded at the ceremony, which features the best books from fifteen genres.  Some past winners have secured six-figure publishing contracts as well as had their books optioned for film.

Conference organizer Chanticleer Reviews, a division of Chanticleer Reviews and Media, LLC, is a Bellingham-based company that serves authors and publishers globally.  The Chanticleer International Book Awards writing competition annually receives submissions from writers in as many as thirty-three different nations worldwide.  The conference, book review service, and quarterly e-zine have grown in popularity since their inception and Chanticleer has become internationally known as an influencer in the world of books and their readers.

“The best part of what we do at Chanticleer Reviews comes to fruition at our annual conference and awards ceremony”, says Kiffer Brown, co-founder of Chanticleer Reviews and Media, LLC, “I’m humbled by the high caliber of works that are submitted and am so proud of our Chanticleer community of authors. Our book awards ceremony is really a celebration of what they have accomplished. We energize and inspire one another to move forward and onward.”

About the Company

Chanticleer Reviews and Media, LLC was founded in 2011 by Kathryn Brown and her husband Andrew (Argus) Brown.  They reside together in Bellingham, WA and have successfully co-founded digital companies prior to their current endeavor.  In 2015 Diane Sillan Isaacs joined the company as Creative Director.  Isaacs brings more than two decades of experience in film and television as an executive producer for Don Johnson Productions and Green Moon Productions. The company’s mission is to discover today’s best books.

For more information and to schedule interviews please contact Claire McKinney Public Relations at (908) 955-7563 or

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