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12 Signs You May Need to be Your Own Boss

be your own bossIf you are like a lot of people, you work in a full time job, but the hours you signed up for are far fewer than the ones you actually put in, and your raises have been paltry to non-existent for the past eight or so years.  You feel like you could do better, but you aren’t sure you have what it takes to go out on your own, start your own business, and be your own boss.

Today I was listening the Business Bootcamp Podcast and I started thinking about how people might figure out whether or not they should be working for “The Man/Woman” or not.  Since my agency represents a lot of entrepreneurs, whether they be experts, authors, or thought leaders, I thought I would try to encapsulate some of the signs I’ve noticed we have in common that may be trying to steer you on a more independent path.

  1. You are working really hard, paying your bills with not much leftover, and nearly every day you think you should be doing something else.
  2. You see the need for products and services that are not yet on the market and you can’t understand why no one is doing something about it.
  3. You were hired for your creativity and yet every time you share a new idea your colleagues and peers look at you like you have two heads or like you are vying for their jobs.
  4. You share ideas with your boss who says they are outstanding and yet time after time he goes with the status quo.
  5. You try to implement a new idea at work and you are thrown under the bus when there is a problem, even though it may not have anything to do with your idea or your execution of it.
  6. You dread going to work every day.
  7. You are rarely excited during the week.
  8. You look back at your life and realize that in your younger days you were very industrious to the point of having a lemonade stand, a paper route, top dollars in girl/boy scout fundraisers, and more.
  9. Older people used to tell you about all of the potential that you had and how you might change the world.
  10. You get bored easily, are a bit ADHD/ADD, and feel like you are going to jump out of your skin if you have to sit in your chair for one more minute.
  11. You felt like you had to get out of high school to get started with your life and then in college you started to feel the same.
  12. Others are drawn to your enthusiasm and unique take on life and the universe.

Some or all of these may apply to you.  I would never say it’s easy to be your own boss or that you have to do it even if the signs are there, but if you are struggling with the idea and want some help evaluating, this may be for you.