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The Intersect by Brad Graber

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by Brad Graber

Amazon: The Intersect: When life veers off course, strangers find comfort and lasting connection

Brad Graber was thrilled to move to Phoenix in 2009, a friendly city with a diverse community. But the state of Arizona had its struggles, especially regarding immigration. The rich culture of Phoenix, set against the political and social issues of Arizona in 2010, is the backdrop to Graber’s charismatic debut novel THE INTERSECT (September 2016, ISBN 9780997604207, Original Trade Paperback).

In THE INTERSECT, Graber uses his personal history, professional health care background, and the social issues of today, to paint a moving portrait of lives that connect in a deep and meaningful way. The novel weaves together the stories of disparate characters who are striving to survive in a world where the most lasting connection is made among strangers. Graber takes a close look at what it’s like to be an older woman struggling to navigate the health care system while being swindled by her family; a gay man in a long term relationship thrown off-balance by early retirement; an illegal immigrant who considers himself to be an American, in a country that tells him otherwise; and a gay teen who has come out of the closet to a rejecting family.

THE INTERSECT opens with Daisy, a spry 75-year-old woman living on her own. When Daisy gets into a car accident and is whisked away for hip surgery, her stay in rehab threatens to transition to long-term care. Her nephew Jack and his second wife Enid nefariously garner power of attorney and, without Daisy’s knowledge, sell her Biltmore home. Months later, Daisy returns to discover that a gay couple in their 50s, Dave and Charlie, have purchased the property. Charlie welcomes Daisy into the couple’s guestroom, believing she’s Dave’s distant aunt from NYC, before discovering her circumstance. The men bond with Daisy, even as Dave and Charlie’s relationship starts to take a turn when Dave quits his high-end career and spirals into a post midlife crisis.

Meanwhile, Ernie is a Mexican-born immigrant who was smuggled into the United States when he was a young child. He owns a handyman business and prides himself on being a model American, despite his illegal status. When Ernie stops by the house of a client, he finds the woman held at knifepoint in an attempted robbery. When the police arrive, Ernie is falsely arrested and deported to Mexico, where his American grit helps him to succeed despite overwhelming odds.

These characters’ stories become intertwined with those of a psychic, a physical therapist, and a lonely teen, and along with scheming love interests, the novel takes many dramatic twists. Lives become entangled: relationships are strained, secrets are revealed, personal identities are threatened, hearts are broken, and justice is sought.

Exploring today’s hot-button issues of immigration, elder abuse, and teen homelessness, THE INTERSECT shows readers that strangers can make unexpected and lasting connections—even as they reveal the most vulnerable part of themselves.

About Brad Graber:

Brad Graber was born and raised in New York City. He obtained a B.A. in Biology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an M.H.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. As a healthcare administrator, Brad has held a number of positions living in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago; West Bloomfield, a suburb of Detroit; and Mill Valley, a suburb of San Francisco. Brad currently resides in Phoenix with Jeffrey, his spouse of 26 years, and their dog Charlie. Brad volunteers with non-profit organizations, most recently with Duet, which provides support for seniors. He has in the past volunteered with, which supports GLBTQ youth. THE INTERSECT is Brad’s first novel. For more information visit his website or follow him on Twitter @jefbra1.

By Brad Graber
Publication Date: September 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9976042-0-7
Original Trade Paperback & E-Book
Price: $15.99
460 pages