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The Light of Grace by Kasey Claytor

The Light of Grace by Kasey Claytor

“All of the greatest spiritual teachings are taught through story. Here is a story carefully crafted to entertain while raising your consciousness.” —Kasey Claytor
The Light of Grace is an amazing journey through space and time and the most
incredible journey of all—the one within.”

—Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer


Since the dawn of time, people have believed in the existence of a higher power, whether it was in the form of a specific god, guardian angel, or unnamed universal force. Inspirational speaker and metaphysical teacher Kasey Claytor trusts that there is a higher power at work in the universe, and that angels are the guardians and messengers who do the day-to-day work.  In her new epic tale, THE LIGHT OF GRACE: Journeys of an Angel (April 2016; Balboa Press; Price xx), Grace, a newly-assigned angel, is given four humans from different time periods to guide.  She does this by leaping through time and space. Grace is accompanied by her loyal emissary, Aelfraed, who takes the form of a dog, wolf, cat, and fox so he can keep watch on Grace’s people and help them in desperate situations.


An epic fable through time and faith

By: Kasey Claytor

Mumbie is a clever, innovative prehistoric girl who loses her tribe and becomes part of another, but they are wary of accepting Mumbie and her different customs. Garth is a devout 14th century Christian who questions his faith in God after his home is repeatedly hit by death, plague, and war. Arnina is a sensitive woman living in the 21st century who is in a constant personal battle with anxiety and fear, which she numbs with feel-good drugs. Alistair is an extraordinary man living in the 26th century who explores the planes of consciousness.  His research travels to a space station orbiting Mars turn precarious when his ship is endangered by pirates.

Grace’s humans live in different time continuums on Earth, but they are all connected by a thread of intense emotion: if one of them is feeling immense despair, a burst of joy, or if Grace sends one of them a beam of extraordinary love, they can all feel it. With Aelfraed’s support on the ground, Grace can send her humans messages, sensations, and clues as she takes form as a spiritual conscience, and makes a rare appearance in human form. She guides them through hardships like clan battles, war, space travel, and lost loves, and celebrates with them as they fall in love, explore and test their strengths, and earn their hard-wrought wisdom.

Grace is entwined with her humans from their first breath to their last, and through every triumph and failure. THE LIGHT OF GRACE is an epic metaphysical journey that spans thousands of years, and teaches readers that they are not alone on life’s journey and that its secrets can be found by looking within.


Kasey Claytor is a metaphysical teacher, certified meditation instructor, money manager, and inspirational speaker. She loves to teach others ways to find happiness and has penned several books on prosperity and spirituality, including The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent Kids and The God of Anna. Claytor lives with her husband and dog on a lagoon in Florida.

Journeys of an Angel
By Kasey Claytor
Balboa Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2016
Hardcover & E-book
xx pages