Tips for Promoting Your Fall Books

Calling all writers! 

Are you ready to start promoting your fall books?  If you publish frequently you may remember how 2020 went.  The newscycle was super fast and everyone was distracted by stories about politics and the pandemic.  Well in 2024 we don’t have the pandemic to worry about, but it’s “take two” in November and it could be brutal for books seeking mainstream attention.  However, I do have some tips and strategies that can help.

Start Promoting Your Fall Books Now

The time is now to start promoting your books for fall 2024.  To take advantage of holiday shopping season, publishers release way too many books. If you start pitching your book and you want to be on podcasts in September, this is your month.  The rule is to prepare and execute your media campaign two to three months ahead of publication.  If you have extra time and your book can be printed and sent to reviewers now, then start going after publications and longer leads as soon as you are ready. 

Some examples are:  Foreword Magazine, City Book Reviews, and Publishers Weekly.

Taboo Words in Marketing This Fall

Do not use the eight letter word that begins with “e” and ends with “n”.  Sorry to be mysterious here, but this post will not see the light of day if I use this word or individual names pertaining to the two opposing sides. (Hint: we have to choose one in November) 

Unless your work is about the event or related stories, do not write about social issues, politics, or the words and names I mentioned.  If you do have a topic related to social issues and you want to post on a Meta platform, then you will have to go through their identification and validation process. 

Here is an interesting document called the Hatch Act, which is a set of rules for content and social media for federal employees.  

Another source is which breaks down guidelines for marketers by platform.

Market to Niche Audiences via Niche Media

Dig deep for potential niche audiences that might love your book.  You may find a sweet spot in the news cycle that works, but in lieu of that try breaking down your book into multiple topics and subject areas.  This way you can look for media and influencers that cover topics like religion, parenting, video games, mental health and wellness, horses, pets, and more. Writers need to target an audience they know has an interest in a topic relating to their books.  Find out where these people are and focus on the media that can reach them.

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