Social Media 101: Tumblr for Authors

TumblrTumblr is a combination of social media and blogging—users actively post content to their Tumblr blog, but they can also re-blog and like other users’ posts. Tumblr can be a fun platform to use because it is very different from Twitter or Facebook, and it is a perfect platform for authors to use because it is easy and creative. The number one rule for this platform is to make sure to have fun with it!

Here are 5 ways that authors can use Tumblr:

Reblog or post GIFs or screenshots. Tumblr is full of screenshots and GIFs that are at your disposal to use, from TV shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, or movies like Clueless and Mean Girls. You will give your account exposure this way because GIFs—especially those that are popular or humorous—will more likely be reblogged than other posts.

Use it as a blog with a purpose. Do you have a specific topic you’d like to blog about, but don’t necessarily need all that SEO and headline writing that comes with a WordPress blog? Tumblr can be a great use for “micro-blogging” or just writing a couple sentences on a topic every day or once a week. For example Clients from Hell started as a Tumblr blog, where they posted anonymous comments about bad clients. Other examples include Bookworm of Camelot which specifically blogs about literature, or That Coffee House Tumblr which only posts about coffee.

Use it as a social network. Don’t just focus on your Tumblr but make sure to follow other blogs that you are interested in and might reblog. Comment and share your stories on other users’ posts.

Use it as a news and events page for your website. Did you get a new Amazon review or were featured in a literary blog? Did you have an event last night? Share these links and photos on your Tumblr and make sure to tag the posts with tags that people frequent (books, literature, amblogging). Did you see another Tumblr post a photo of your book? Reblog it! Connect it to your website so that it is easily accessible.

Use it as your writer’s blog. If you are interested in blogging but know you aren’t going to commit to writing hundreds or thousands of words a week, Tumblr is the perfect way to keep people updated with your life by posting short blog posts or GIFs, new music you are listening to, news articles you just read, etc. with little commentary. Did you just read an interesting New York Times article on how sales at independent booksellers are up? Did you finish a book you have mixed feelings about? Post it on Tumblr and ask your readers what they think.

Many artists and creatives are on the platform, from Taylor Swift to Veronica Roth (Divergent) to Rainbow Rowell (Landline; Carry On). It doesn’t take up as much time as a regular blog and it is more interactive for users because it is so simple for another person to reblog your post. Check it out and you’ll see how much you may just enjoy it!

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I want to start blogging, but I don’t know where to begin!

blogging workstation pixabayThe other day, I was discussing social media with my Dad, and he brought up the topic of blogging.

“I want to start a blog,” he said. “But I don’t know where to begin.”

“Begin? Like, ideas to start writing?” I asked.

“No,” he said, “I don’t even know how to make a blog. How do I do that?”

Dad, this blog post is for you and any readers on the internet who have the desire to write online, but need help finding the tools to do so.

Some great blogging platforms are: This tool is owned by Google, and it is a free service. Blogger makes it very easy to create, write, and edit posts, and it includes a fair amount of design templates.

WordPress. There are two different WordPress sites: .com and .org. has a free blogging platform, is software you can install on a website domain that you own. So, if you are interested in creating a blog, go with the .com. It’s simple, plus WordPress has a fantastic help forum if you run across any issues.

TumblrTumblr is one of my personal favorite social media/blogging platforms. There is so much you can do with Tumblr. You can write blog posts, but Tumblr also allows you to easily add different forms of media so you can share your favorite photos, audio, and video with the world. It’s also much more interactive than the other blogs listed above—other users can comment, repost, or like your Tumblr posts, and you can do the same.

These three websites are the easiest platforms on the Internet for anyone who is a beginner at blogging. There are others, like Medium and You could even purchase a website domain name through GoDaddy or another server network. I would recommend starting by testing the platforms listed above to get a better grasp on how blogging works.  Next step: Have fun posting and writing!