Distribution Slang You Didn’t Know (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Distribution. Point-of-Sale. Sell in. These are all examples of distribution slang that is used in publishing. But what do these words mean? If you are an author, here are some key terms to memorize when it comes to distributing your book(s).

5 Distribution Slang You Didn’t Know, But Were Too Afraid to Ask:

distribution slang infographic

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Infographic: 5 Things You Need to Do For Your Publicist

There have been times we are hired for a book publicity/brand campaign, and the author or client checks out after the first phone call.  We often find ourselves stalled, with a lot of questions, and in the position of hunting authors down for things we need.  The ugly truth of it is no matter how wonderful we think we are, publicists can’t work in a vacuum and successful publicity doesn’t happen in isolation.

Read our extended article, Publicity 101: 5 Things You Need to Do For Your Publicist, or check out our infographic below.

Infographic: 5 Things You Need to do for Your Publicist:

Infographic: 5 Things Brandi

Infographic: Bestsellers Lists

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, New York Times, USA Today: all these outlets have bestsellers lists that most authors would love to appear on. Creating a goal to become a bestselling author is great, but should not be the end all be all reason as to why you write books. It is a long road to get there, and there are other amazing things that will happen along the journey of being a published author!

We have created an infographic that has more information on what you need to know. You can also read our extended blog post on the subject here.

10 Things You Need To Know About Bestsellers Lists Infographic:

Bestsellers Lists Infographic

Infographic: What to Consider When Hiring a Publishing Consultant

If you are planning to independently publish a book, there is much work to be done, including: obtaining ISBNs, having the book copyedited, getting the interior and exterior designed, and more! Hiring a publishing consultant can reduce stress on your end from most of these issues, as they will have the professional background and experience to move things along. Before you hire a consultant, our infographic has a few things you should think about.

If you would like to read more about hiring a publishing consultant check out our extended blog post on the subject.

Infographic: Things to Consider When Hiring a Publishing Consultant:

publishing consultant infographic